TEDxYouth@ASD 2019

ASD's third annual TEDx event.


Our event works to stress the power of initial impact. Our main theme divides into a set of our sub-themes below to get an idea of what our conference will aim to emphasize. Read below to learn more. 

Breaking Boundaries

A shortage of ideas is a rare thing in today's innovation-driven world, but there is a strong distinction between ideas that languish in one’s mind, and the ideas that truly come to fruition. It takes a superhuman amount of effort, communication skill, and overall intuition for one to take a good idea, and make it truly transformative. The greatest innovators of our time have always made it clear that there is no dearth of boundaries and inhibitors to an idea. While ideas on their own are powerful, these ideas, and their creators, must be powerful enough to break boundaries and transcend all social, physical and regulatory limitations. Speakers who select this as a topic of interest ideally have experience in the art of bringing an idea to reality and should be active boundary breakers. 

Passion to Empowerment

Our world is filled with passionate personalities and figures. Whether it be engaging in political debate, boasting enthusiasm for sports, or spending countless hours reading, passions are often taken and pursued in pastimes. For many, these passions sit idle, only being seen in personal life. However, for others, these passions are used as a means of connecting with groups, building relationships, and fostering larger communities. It is these very passions that have the potential to connect groups of people to exercise their similar interests and to spark this same zest in others. This category is best for those who have taken the time to use their passions to empower larger communities. 

Dear Future Generation

Dear future generation, who is capable of knowing what tomorrow holds? Whether it’s destiny, the lives of our future children, or simply a goal for the next year, the impact of the present generation holds a great stance in society as they are a mirror image of the inspirations and dreams of succeeding individuals. Time is the sole reflection of the ingenious wonders in today’s diverse society. Not only that, but what is accomplished and reiterated now serves an inspiring purpose to the future of our ever-growing world. Revolutionary steps in various subjects have continued to encourage the future pioneers of our world. If you are intrigued by this topic you should have a great passion for advanced innovation and making a significant mark on today’s world - a mark that will truly be a stepping stone for what the future will hold.