TEDxYouth@ASD 2019

ASD's third annual TEDx event.

ABout TEDx

Behind the organization that started it all.

What is TED?

Originating in Monterey, California, TED initiated as a conference for those involved in Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Today, it congregates the world’s greatest innovators, thinkers, and entrepreneurs on a global stage to discuss some of the most cutting edge ideas. Through a series of talks, TED has become a universally acknowledged platform for pioneers of every discipline and has housed speakers including Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Sal Khan and Daniel Kahneman.

In short, TED is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.

The annual TED conference invites world thinking leaders to Vancouver, British Columbia to give talks of eighteen minutes or less. TED has taken the media initiative to share more than 2000 of their talks on TED.com for public access. TED has developed several additional projects to help promote their mission of making great ideas accessible and sparking conversation. These projects include TEDx and TEDxYouth.

What is TEDx?

With the x representing an independently organized event, TEDx conferences aim to simulate a TED-like experience by assembling local crowds and inviting regional leaders to converse on and share their reforming ideas. These conferences accommodate a suite of shorter yet still carefully prepared talks that are idea-focused through a range of disciplines.

TEDxYouth conferences are smaller than TEDx conferences in size and take place at schools, but share the same mission. These events are oriented towards the youth and are run by the youth.

What is TEDxYouth@ASD?

The American School of Dubai seeks to provide a platform for students and regional leaders to express their opinions on global phenomena, bring forth innovative ideas, and acquire knowledge on pertinent worldly issues. TEDxYouth@ASD hopes to provide a stage for the brightest minds to be inspired and to inspire others.